Rescue is something that we may all experience within sexual trauma, that some part of us is waiting for, or seeking for rescue.Rescue is something that we may all experience within sexual trauma, that some part of us is waiting for, or seeking for rescue.

When that has been a childhood sexual trauma, we can have this fantasy still running that somebody, some hero will come along and they will save us.

Or later on in life we may still have that same desire, that search for rescue, when we have felt so helpless and so hopeless.

This desire, this still seeking rescue, keeps us in that space of believing that we are hopeless and we are helpless.

When we are seeking or waiting for rescue it is very self dis empowering.

It means that we are telling ourselves that we cannot hold this for ourselves and grow from it.

Of course we all feel we need and we desire support of another.

Whether that is someone we know can listen to what we want to express, whether that is someone holding a space for us to attend to our own body, movement or breath.

Or whether they hold us tenderly, for our emotions to come up.

But this is holding and creating a space for us to attend to and meet our self rather than the other DOING IT for us or to us.

This is very empowering!

Especially through childhood trauma, because the trauma is something that happened to us.

It was an external force upon our body, upon our breath, upon our psyche. Upon the whole of our being.

When we wait for rescue, it is still that something from the external. The outside world, that is going to be the cure, the answer, the healing.

Where as the rescue, the alchemy is something internal.  A happening on the inside so we may feel empowered again!

When something happens on the outside it can feel dis empowering, something that is taken away, controlling … we can gain that back from the empowerment feeling and being internal.

We can notice where in our lives, we still have this feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, and so are seeking rescue.

The dynamics of that, maybe very subtle.

It maybe in the way we ask of others, our lack of desire to care for self or our inability to take action.

Of course it is healthy to ask for what we want but there maybe an element behind our asking, where we are still expecting or seeking rescue and dis empowering ourselves.

This is simply for us to reflect upon amongst acceptance, expression and self denial.  Where and how do we seek or desire rescue?

These are all little steps that we can attend to kindly and without rush through to get to somewhere else. The more we get to spend time truly meeting these steps, the less chance we create of having to go backwards to go forwards.

That in totally meeting each step and immersing into it, that step then unfolds and leads us to the next one.