“Fate brought me to Michelle’s site – an article in a magazine about Yoni massage, a blogger who had written about Michelle and then Michelle’s site itself.

It seemed to me that it was all meant to be, however I was beyond terrified. Being touched by others and even touching myself was deeply unpleasant. I had honed the practise of disassociation and convinced myself that touching me was repulsive to others. The time came where I knew I had to do something drastic. When you’re petrified of touch and trusting others, contacting someone to touch you seemed insane but I was in a corner and knew if I wanted to start fully living I needed her help.

I read Michelle’s site over and over again, ‘Mother wounds’ resonated with me and I innately knew Michelle would understand not only the sexual abuse but also the emotional abuse and significant ‘Mother wounds’ that ruled my life. Paying for three sessions was a gamble but could I afford not to see her? I decided I couldn’t.

With Michelle’s quote in my mind of “All journeys in life require strong beginnings of courage, love, honour and trust” my journey began. It is a journey needing bravery (it certainly was for me), however if you 100% commit to following everything Michelle guides you to do, not only in the truly beautiful space she offers you within her home, but also her support and guidance in between sessions, the rewards will be truly magical.

Already after only 4 sessions my life has changed dramatically. I was initially worried that the experience would seem sexual to me or my body would let me down again and not understand what it felt – in actuality nothing is further from the truth.

Your body and Michelle will talk between themselves in an awe inspiring way. I am not sure words have been created yet that succinctly describe what working with Michelle feels like, so I would say take a risk, take a deep breath, drop her a line and press send.

You and your body deserve Michelle’s guidance, care and ultimately her healing touch.”

Kim | West Sussex

“Hi Michelle, I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while to share my good news. I have a lover, and we’ve been making wonderful, natural, pleasurable love and intimacy together for the past few months. I never considered that this wondrous joy was possible for me.

I really want to thank you for the help that you’ve given me to open myself up to an awareness of sensual pleasure much less shackled by conventional learning.

I give you my heartfelt thanks. You’re a wonderful person.”

Gavin | East Sussex

“I first began looking into tantric / yoni massage as a way of healing sexual trauma about a year ago. I had experienced sexual trauma as a child and then throughout my teen years fell into self destructive behaviour when it came to men. I entered emotionally abusive relationships and completely disconnected with my body. 

Sex was painful, not pleasurable, and I was often triggered by touch. Sex was a chore for me that I felt I had to do.

I was naturally anxious and afraid to contact and reach out to Michelle, but from the very beginning she understood that fear. She spoke to me on the phone and gave me all the power to decide if I trusted her. My fears were reassured and as soon as I met Michelle I felt at ease.

To experience entire touch of the body without it being sexual and to have it only be about me, me coming home to my body, and me reconnecting to my body in a way that was completely on my own terms. Even after the very first session I felt more confident and more relaxed.

When I got home I sat with my body and actually felt some flicker of connection to my yoni. I could hear her, for the first time ever. I felt her pain and was finally able to begin to release it.

I had been focusing so much on therapy of the mind that I had neglected to remember the therapy that my body needed.

Michelle supported me and gave me advice, any question I had I knew it would be met without judgement and with answers full of wisdom. I have a long way to go until I am completely healed but meeting with Michelle and having my healing sessions with her have been the first real steps towards a place where I finally feel completely safe and connected.

I cannot thank Michelle enough for her support. She is not only a healer but a safe guide that is always there to hear your pain / success / happiness, whatever you want to share.

It has been life changing!’

Greta | Wiltshire

I’ve had problems for a very long time, my body had completely shutdown. 

I had developed vaginasium following a very unhappy incident in my past at the hands of my first partner.

I felt completely disconnected from my body, I felt great shame and incomplete as a woman. These feelings have heightened my anxiety and depression.

I have a great counsellor (who I have been seeing since 2014) who is helping me process my past.

I needed help to reconnect to my body. To find and embrace the sexual being I could be, who I have never even contemplated I could be.

I feel that with my counsellor I am doing amazing healing of my mind and Michelle is doing amazing healing of my body and bringing my mind and body together again, as well as opening the door in my emotions that I had kept locked away – which I could then discuss with my counsellor.

It’s working out incredibly well.

Michelle, through her amazing skills and endless understanding has helped me begin my journey to reconnect with my body, femininity and power.

I never expected to make such amazing progress in such a short while (a mere six weeks).

The appointments with Michelle are so relaxing. She is fantastic to talk to and is always ready with advice to help.
I always feel very relaxed and positive after my appointments which helps my mental health. 

You also have home studies which help continue your healing process in the comfort of your own home.

I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone who has issues with intimacy.

I feel that with the continued support of Michelle and my counsellor I have fully rounded support.

I do feel strongly that both girls and boys as part of their sex education should be taught about the pleasures of sex and relationships as well as the pure mechanics.

I wish I had know then what I am beginning to know now.”

Heather | East Sussex

That moment you realise that someone’s work needs to be experienced because you are struggling to put into words just how grateful you are for having had the chance to work with them….

This week I worked with the profoundly gentle and yet incredibly boundaried Michelle Roberton in the form of a sacred tantric massage.

When I say boundaried, I simply see a reflection of someone in Michelle who works only from the deepest purity and heart of the calling of her work.

My journey to full embodiment has been a long one and with the loving and expert guidance of Michelle – this week I felt myself viscerally and literally land back into my body.

I had the sensation of giving birth to myself – my soul finally feeling safe to come into my womb centre.

I am sharing for two reasons… firstly, because I believe this work to be beautiful, sacred and so utterly necessary for anyone who has ever felt any shame or disconnection from their body.

It is time that every young girl, teen and woman knew that her body was a sacred and divine vessel. When you feel this and you know it, you understand that you cannot possibly treat it any other way.

I am not excluding men, simply sharing from the experience of being a woman.

Secondly, I am sharing because I didn’t undertake this work with Michelle lightly.

I tend to carve out my own road for healing and empowerment. Yet I knew I wanted help and I knew that I would be held in an extraordinarily safe way.

Coming into my body has been fraught with fear and trepidation for most of my life and so feeling safe and held was paramount.

Thank you Michelle Roberton for the gift that you are, and the heart, purity and integrity that you hold with your work”

Nikki | Brighton